• St Peter Square

    St. Peter’s Square

    St. Peter’s Square (Piazza San Pietro in Italian) is a magnificent plaza located in Vatican City, adjacent to St. Peter’s Basilica. Here are some detailed information about St. Peter’s Square: St. Peter’s Square…

  • Ancient Rome,  Monuments,  Park

    The Circus Maximus

    The Circus Maximus was a magnificent ancient Roman chariot racing stadium located in the valley between the Aventine and Palatine hills in Rome. It was one of the most significant and largest entertainment…

  • Churches,  Museum

    The Capuchin Crypt

    The church of Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini, where the Capuchin Crypt is located, is a small church in Rome, Italy. It was commissioned by Pope Urban VIII in the 17th century…

  • Quartiere

    Discover Testaccio

    Testaccio, one of Rome’s vibrant neighborhoods, is a gem for food, culture, and history. Here’s a glimpse: Food Scene: Testaccio is a foodie paradise. The Testaccio Market offers fresh produce, meats, and gourmet…

  • Galleria Sciarra
    Ancient Rome


    After the proclamation of Rome as the Capital of Italy, a period of transformation and modernization of the city began. Among the areas affected by the reorganization was that which included the entire…

  • Quartiere

    Via Veneto

    The Via Vittorio Veneto is one of the famous arteries of Rome that extends from Piazza Barberini to Porta Pinciana near the Villa Borghese.It was designed in the late 19th century, and dedicated…