Ostia Antica
Ancient Rome

Ostia Antica

If Rome’s noise and police sirens start to disturb your peaceful Roman holidays, head to Ostia Antica, which totally deserves it, relax, stare at the ruins and imagine how was it 2000 years ago, when this place was ancient Rome’s seaport. The huge thriving commercial center of 6000 people.

It’s so easy to get in here, just half an hour by train, and you will experience another world, the seaside let you relax under the sun, take it all in, the ancient ruins of today, remains of warehouses, apartment flats, baths and shopping arcades, opening for your vision another window, of how Romans used to live, Ostia Antica is one of Italy’s yet not appreciated sites…

Looking back in the history, Ostia was founded back in 620 BC, around 400 BC, Rome conquered Ostia and made it a naval base, serving a very busy and important commercial port. Within many years, surviving also the fall of Rome, Ostia port was abandoned, the harbor simply silted up, thanks to mud, that eventually buried all Ostia, the ruins survived.

Nowadays more and more tourists visit Ostia Antica, seeking the long awaited peace and relax from Too Dolce Vita, you can stroll among the ruins and trace the grid standard for Roman military towns, the east, west, south and north gates, walking through the vanished towns, where you can identify buildings that were existing from the times before the Christ. The diversity of museums, one of the most interesting room is one where countless religions and foreign lands where staying, as Ostia accommodated people from all over the world.

Have your own archeological stroke in Ostia, it’s a quickest trip and getaway from the busy capital, instead of heatstroke get an archaeological one.

The key to enjoying sights from ancient Rome is to resurrect all that rubble in your mind. A quick trip out to Rome’s ancient port helps do just, that making it more likely that your hours climbing through the wonders of ancient Rome will give you goose bumps rather than heatstroke.

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